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Rotary International and Octon Inc.
As part of its responsibility to maintain and preserve the Rotary International emblem, the Rotary International Board of Directors established and maintains a licensing system.

Any individual or company wishing to manufacture or sell goods containing the Rotary name, the Rotary emblem, or any of the other Rotary marks must be authorized by RI. Any unauthorized reproduction or sale of the RI emblem, in any form, infringes on RI's trademark rights. By licensing vendors or manufacturers of Rotary-type goods, RI maintains control over reproduction and/or sale of its intellectual property. This control helps to maintain a consistent quality in the reproduction of the Rotary emblem and other Rotary marks, ensuring accurate and faithful reproduction of quality goods.

Rotarians are encouraged to purchase products bearing the Rotary marks only from authorized licensees.

Should you need further information, please go to the Official website of Rotary International.